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Please notice that English is neither my mother tongue nor my preferred language... 
This is why these pages are written in an english - romanian mixture.
The  not photogenical guy below its me. Instead of Curriculum Vitae it's a story:

I am 34, (ouch! I am already 37, I forgot that...) I'm an electronics engineer. 
I am working in research (by the way, if you can not handle some of your 
electronic projects, don't hesitate to contact me ,but not for free...), I am married. 
I have a daughter, (with a little help from my wife of course!), I built a house
(with a lot of help from God and from this people ). I have built about  one hundred 
of electronic devices, some of which are curently in production. 

Sper ca engleza mea este inteligibila, nu? Pentru edificare aruncati o privire daca 
doriti pe linkurile subliniate...

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