Fan Fiction
Have you written a fanfiction about Raab? Want to display it here? Just send it on over to me at and I'll host it for you. Cheers!
The fanfictions below are seperated into two categories, Het eg. male/female and Slash male/male. So beware.

It Can't Be Love... Right?
Author: Margera Chic
Rating: PG-13
Ship: Bam/OFC
Summary: Not exactly a Raab story, but I enjoyed reading it. Its based around Bam/OFC

Relentless Surrender
Author: Haggard Bitch
Rating: R
Ship: Raab/Bam
Summary: A lazy summer day at castle Bam, Raab had an early morning drink and he's wired! What could come from this? A game of hide and go seek tag! Or a splash in the pool?

Sneaking Around
Author: Raab Tiger Lilly
Rating: R
Ship: Raab/Brandon
Summary: Its a relationship they have to keep a secret.

Author: Team Policia
Rating: PG-13
Ship: Raab/Brandon
Summary: Brandon is fed up with Chris

The above fanfictions are in no way associated with Raab Himself, his co stars, Viva La Bam, Jackass, CKY or MTV. All stories above are purely fictional. No malice or offence is intended to any of the persons named. All fictions belong to their rightful owners.
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