Full Name: Christopher Bryan Raab
Nickname: Raab Himself
Birthday: 21 May 1980
Birth Place: Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, USA
Star Sign: Gemini
Height: 5'8 (1.73m)
Hair: Blond/Brown
Eyes: Blue

Chris Raab, credited frequently as Raab Himself, born May 21, 1980 in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania is an active crew member of Viva La Bam and appeared frequently in MTV's Jackass. As a part of the original Jackass crew, Raab also appears in numerous CKY movies which were a "co-precursor" for the MTV series.

His unique moniker is credited to his close friend Bam Margera, who is often seen punching or slapping Raab throughout the various TV series.

Rumors that he is either the nephew or the cousin of Matt Damon cannot be substantiated. Raab Himself was once identified on a CKY video as "Matt Damon's nephew", but this may well have been a joke.

Raab is most commonly associated with the scatalogical aspects of the CKY quadrilogy, including a stunt where he ingested 18 tablets of powerful laxative and excreted them while running full speed in a jock-strap in CKY 3.

Raab met Bam Margera in the third grade. They started filming some stuff when they were about 11 or 12. At first it was mainly just Bam skateboarding but then they started doing skits when they were about 13 and really got into it when they were 15.

Bam dared Raab to shit in the hallway and putting it on the lockers. Apparently, Raab got expelled from high school because of the dare.

Got his unusual nickname from Bam, who would always introduce him by saying, "This is Raab, himself."

Source: Simply Crazed

:: Has a brother named Jay Source: Imdb

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