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31st March 2005
:: Have updated the opinions section with thoughts from Angie and Mandy. Thanks girls.
:: Have just finished watched Viva La Bam Season 4 and 5. Oh they're funny buggers.
:: Also, I'm this is old new to ya'll, but I havent been on the Raab scene for a while. Apparently he's moved to LA and doesn't speak with the guys anymore... Also apparently he's under management of Joe Simpson (Jessica and Ashley Simpson's dad) and rumoured to be linked to Ashlee Simpson... how odd.

13th December 2005
:: Sorry for lack of updates, but theres just not all that much going on in the world of Raab Himself. If you have any news feel free to email me at
:: On that note, we have a new artwork on the Fan art page. Thanks Harmony:)

24th Ocober 2005
:: One new affiliate, Bam Cheers to Kelly
:: I added some random pictures to the gallery. I'm so proud of how big its gotten. The gallery now has its own server up and running and the viva la bam section has its own mini server:)

13th October 2005
:: Added a new section called "Opinions - What do you think about Raab" to the fans page... go check it out and submit your own thoughts.
:: The gallery is now completely up and running... any problems, contact me.
:: Added a new link to a fanfiction called "It Can't Be Love... Right?" on the fiction page. Its not exactly Raab related, but I enjoyed reading it none the less. All you Bam lovers will like it:) Also added "Sneaking Around"

5th October 2005
:: New fanfiction Relentless Surender, thanks to Haggard Bitch for sending it in:)
:: I'm completly spring cleaning this site. Improving navigation, making sure everything is working properly etc
:: I'm also completely moving the Gallery across to a different server. Link on splash page. The gallery has gotten a lot bigger than I originally expected, and its eating up all the bandwidth, so I figured I'd move it else where and it can use all the bandwidth it wants:)
:: I would really love some feedback on this site people:)

3rd October 2005
:: Have added a ask CKY section in the information area. This is basically just a copy of all the Raab related questions from CKY's site.
:: Lots and lots of new pictures in the gallery. Its funny cause just when you think you've located every Raab pic on the net, theres always some more to find:)
:: Several new sections in the gallery. The basic idea is just to get the whole thing as easy to navigate as possible
:: You'll see the new section in the gallery called "No Home" this is basically a section for all the pics I have found, but have no idea where they came from. For example, I've only seen the first 3 seasons of Viva La Bam so its difficult to put pics into sections that I've never seen. So by all means, if you know where those photos go, then let me know.

1st October 2005
:: New affiliate, Parade Blue
:: Added some new avatars to the graphics section and some new link me buttons to the site page:)

29th September 2005
:: I've put heaps of new pictures into the galleries... I'm trying to get them all organised, but its difficult to put certain photos under certain sections cause I have no idea where they're coming from lol.
:: Have a new tag board here on the home page. So post away. Just keep swearing on the low.
:: Added a new article to the interview page
:: Added a CKY IDR DVD section to the gallery

28th September 2005
:: Have added some links to the www page. Its taken me so long to get some links up, because I've been finding it difficult to locate good quality sites. Especially ones still being updated
:: My Viva La Bam Seasons 2/3 arrived in the post yesterday. So I'm successfully and happily making my way through those.
:: Once I get my computer back from getting fixed, I'm going to go insane making graphics too. Having no photoshop is killing me I swear.
:: New affiliate :: Lastly I'm nominated at the Mysterious Ways Awards so vote for me if you get the chance:)

19th September 2005
:: Have closed down the Shpeak Easy due to issues, the owner of the actual Shpeak Easy had with the name. Have replaced this section with a forum.
:: Updated the jackass gallery
:: Have a new guestbook... sign it if you get the chance
:: The Fan Art page is now up and running

16th September 2005
:: Updated the Promotional and Candid galleries
:: Added a few more avatars to the graphics page

14th September 05
:: Added some comments to the Shpeak Easy

13th September 05
:: Added a wallpaper section to the media section
:: Updated the CKY gallery
:: Added a "fan encounters" section into the fans section. So if you've met Raab, send in your accounts:)
:: Updated the graphics page, with a new avatar and mini movie
:: Added an autographs section into the gallery

12th September 05
:: Have opened up the sites forum. Check it out HERE . Go post!
:: New splash page and linkage buttons
:: I'm also looking into moving the gallery across to a different server... just so the bandwidth doesn't get used up so quickly
:: Also, by all means, if you have any suggestions for the site get in touch with me. I'm desperate to know what you guys think.
:: Updated the Jackass gallery
:: Updated the quotes page to include Ryan on Raab
:: Added an A-Z of Raab in the biography section... click biography in the header to locate

7th September 05
:: Added many avatars to the graphics page
:: Updated the biography page

6th September 05
:: Brand new layout! Big thanks to Demi for making it for me:)
:: Beware of broken links, I'm trying to get the whole site into the new layout as quick as possible, but there's bound to be broken links here and there
:: Added pictures to the Haggard gallery
:: Updated the Quotes section

August 2005

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