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Slappy From Goosebumps Standard Upgrade Dummy

Slappy From Goosebumps Standard Upgrade Dummy

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Starting with the basic 30" ventriloquist dummy (which has a stuffed body and plastic head and hands) our figure makers add a hard hollow body and the head is mounted to a control stick. You are able to put your hand in the back and control the mouth with a lever on the control stick. The head can tilt and turn all the way around. One hand operation while the dummy sits on your lap or on a table, stool, etc. WHAT MAKES OUR UPGRADES SO SPECIAL? We're not alone in thinking that our upgraded ventriloquist dummies are the best in the business. Before you consider buying an upgraded Famous Character dummy from someone else, consider that... Our upgraded mouth mechanisms are created with springs, metal and wood pieces. Others use materials like rubber bands and elastic. Our hard hollow bodies are all wood wrapped with material. Others use some or no wood with cardboard or have only a partial shell. Our head posts are made of wood, not the pvc (plastic) parts that others use. Before you consider buying from someone else, we suggest you ask about these important issues.

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  • Upgraded Figure Allows For One Hand Operation
  • Features Hard Hollow Body, Ball & Socket Neck, Trigger Action Mouth
  • Comes With "Seven Simple Steps To Ventriloquism" Pamphlet

Customer Reviews

my life with Slappy and Nathan5
My life is awnsome with slappy he is awnsome his eye's glow in the dark it's scary but you will get use to it.
Slappy's is one cool dummy and I got him from the mail at May 7 his eye's scare me still he's creepy.
It came with a book name: easy 7 steps how to be a ventriloquist it was hard at first but I learned it and it work.
I was a goosebumps fan I found him from [...] and there he was he was $[...] he was really rare.
He wasn't the only one there was bozo the clown and charile they were cool to but I choice slappy.
he smell's like strong wax he is 30"in tall I even watch goosebumps movies and I am not scared at all.
Nathan loves this gift so much I did not know he was still avalible he has a hard body and found him on amazon.
Nathan's brother james broke the tie of slappy.Nathan like's to call slappy: old Slappy.
Nathan loves amazon more than ebay.
Thank you amazon you guys are the best ever!
Nathan's life is good because we have someone new in the family.
But my dog Poe hates him because he thinks he is bad.
Did I buy it ?no Nathan did himself.
It was a bit hard so Nathan need $[...]
Nathan had $98 and 2 target cards.
And that made $148.00 he loves it and thank you so much you made my son happy agina. THE END!!!

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