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Mortimer Snerd Ventriloquist Doll

Mortimer Snerd Ventriloquist Doll

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You might best recognize ol' Morty as the persona of Warner Brothers classic "simpleton" character Beaky Buzzard. Mortimer always seemed to turn shy around the ladies, but it certainly wasn't for lack of enthusiasm as he was prone to exclaim excitedly, "It's a girl!" whenever an attractive woman came near. This Mortimer Snerd Doll is ready for the big city in his blue-and-white checkered sports-jacket and matching slacks, black socks and shoes, white dress shirt, large red bow tie, and red-banded straw hat. Additionally, Mortimer has molded brown hair and that ever-disarming droopy-lidded, bucktoothed expression essential to his appeal. Each celebrity dummy/doll comes with a set of basic instructions included on "How To Be A Ventriloquist" in a practical, plastic case for storing and transporting Mortimer Snerd to your next amateur or professional show. * Mortimer Snerd measures 30" (76 cm) in length and is ready for immediate use. * The Standard Doll features original specifications from the manufacturer. The mouth is operated via a string affixed to the back of the doll's head.

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Ok for the price.3
Purchased for my son for Christmas. It can be a little hard to operate the mouth (cord is hard to pull). The dummy really should have a pole or something connected to the head that runs down the body. Everytime you you pull the string his head goes backwards. All in all, it's a decent 1st ventriloquist dummy for the money.

I love ventriloquist dummies.5
This dummy was awsome. Mortimer was my very first dummy. Now I have a ventriloquist act. I found this dummy at a pawnshop. I spent $40.00 dollars on it. My brother pend $40.00 dollars on Charlie Mccarhty the other dummy. Edger Bergan had Mortimer and Charlie too. YOU SHOULD REALLY TRY THIS DUMMY!!!

An unforgettable birthday for Brody5
My boyfriend likes to remember that the best gift he ever received in his life, after his son's birth indeed, was a Mortimer Snerd ventriloquist doll that his dad gave him for his 9th birthday. My boyfriend wanted to repeat that story with his own son. He went to visit Brody for his 7th birthday to Colorado. They were going to spend a whole week together along with grandpa that was there too. However, Mortimer was supposed to arrive as a surprise bday gift, but long after my boyfriend was gone back home. I contacted Throw Things and they did all possible so Mortimer could arrive that week while my boyfriend was still there. On Tuesday that week, my boyfriend, his dad and his son, the three of them, went to these hot springs to spend the day. They were having a great time and even play like Mortimer Snerd as grandpa suggested. What Brody didn't know is that day he was going to have the biggest surprise of his life. When they dropped off Brody back home at the end of the day, there it was!!! Mortimer Snerd waiting at the livingroom like a real person! Brody was jumping for joy!!! He looked at my boyfriend's face and said "Daddy, how do you still do your magic?" Thank you Throw Things for making it possible!!! And Thank you Amazon for making our lives so easy to shop!

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