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Last Updated On: 24 June, 2000

The following rAgams were added to the list on 27th October, 1999. Added MP3 pieces on 24 June, 2000.

rAjalaHari   Play MP3

ArOHanam: S G3 M1 P S
avarOHanam: S D2 P M1 G3 R2 S

This rAgam is associated with harikAmbhOdhi (28) in this list. Famous Tamil film music composer, Ilayaraja has composed a nice Carnatic song in this rAgam, which Mandolin U Srinivas has played in a CD of Ilayaraja's Carnatic music compositions.

Earlier Changes

You can view notes on changes to the list made later on 2 April, 2000. You can also view notes on other changes to this rAgam list made on 12th April, 1998 and 15th January, 1998 and 4th January, 1998.

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I would like to have additional information about many rAgams. Please see the Notes on janya rAgams for more details.

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If you have any comments or suggestions, or if you have changes or additions to the list, or if you have additional information to be shared, please email me.

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