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Last Updated On: 24 June, 2000

The following rAgams were added to the list on or before 4th January, 1998. Added MP3 pieces on 24 June, 2000.

sunAdhavinOdhini   Play MP3

ArOHanam: S G3 M2 D2 N3 S
avarOHanam: S N3 D2 M2 G3 S

sunAdhavinOdhini is placed under Gamanashrama (53) in some books. "dhEvAthi dhEva shrI vAsudhEva" is a very famous song in this rAgam and has been sung by most musicians. It has a simple ArOHanam and avarOHanam. Each of its svaras are shifted up by one svara sthana from HindhOlam. Very good elaboration in the AlApana and chiththa svaras are possible in this rAgam.

vijaya sarasvathi

ArOHanam: S G2 M2 P D1 N3 S
avarOHanam: S N3 P M2 G2 R2 S

Harikeshanallur Mutthiah Bhagavathar is said to have created this rAgam. This rAgam is a janya of simHEndra madhyamam (57), as can be easily seen from its ArOHanam and avarOHanam. The rishabham is deleted in the ArOHanam and the dhaivatham is deleted in the avarOHanam. His composition "sharanam vijaya sarasvathi mAyE" is very melodius. Madurai T N Seshagopalan, who has given numerous recordings of compositions of Harikeshanallur Mutthiah Bhagavathar. This song is included in one of them and is available on CD. I was fortunate to listen to his live performance in Chennai in December 1996, where he sang this song. He gave a good elaborate AlApana before the song.

nirOshta   Play MP3

ArOHanam: S R2 G3 D2 N3 S
avarOHanam: S N3 D2 G3 R2 S

Harikeshanallur Mutthiah Bhagavathar is said to have created this rAgam also. This rAgam is a janya of dhIrashan'karAbharnam (29). Many of you may know, from articles on the net, that the name means "lips not touching" and comes from the fact that both madhyamam and panchamam are not found in this rAgam. His composition "rAja rAja rAdhithE" is a fast moving song set to thisra nadai. This composition also omits the two syllables, "ma" and "pa" so that the lips do not meet during rendition of this song.

Madurai T N Seshagopalan has included this song in the CD mentioned above. Saxaphone maestro Kadri Gopalnath has also included this song in one of his CDs. This particular version brings out a rhythmic interpretation that also portrays a western touch suitable for dancing, since the thisra nadai resembles the Waltz beat. It is an exhilarating rAgam with not much scope for AlApana.

shivaranjani   Play MP3

ArOHanam: S R2 G2 P D2 S
avarOHanam: S D2 P G2 R2 S

The rAgam shivaranjani can be considered a janya of Kharaharapriyaa (22). "Muiyakka Muiyakka", a rAgamAlikA Purandhara Dasa, begins with this rAgam and so does the rAgamAlikA "Kurai Onrun Illai" by Shri Rajagopalachari. Dr K J Yesudas has recorded a song "gnAna mArgam nAnE sEra nal varam arulvAi aiyyanE" in this rAgam which is captivating. The gAndhAram is the only svara that is different from mOHanam but brings out a totally different feeling.

This is a rAgam suitable for sad situations. This rAgam has been used in many Movie songs including the famous Hindi song "jAnE kahAn gayE woh dhin" and couple of thamizh songs "enadhu gAnam un kAdhil" and "aval oru mEnagai".

priyadharshini   Play MP3

ArOHanam: S R2 M1 D1 N3 S
avarOHanam: S N3 D1 M1 R2 S

The rAgam priyadharshini can be placed under Keeravanhi (21). This must be a new creation, since it is not found in any of the books that I have come across, including the complete compositions of various composers and the comprehensive rAgam list and comprehensive songs list compiled by S Bhaghyalekshmy in her books.

In the same cassette of Dr K J Yesudas mentioned above, he has sung "karunai ganapathiyE, en karuvinai thIrkum guna nidhiyE" in priyadharshini. There is a good AlApana before the song and lot of chiththa svaras in the song.

lavan'gi   Play MP3

ArOHanam: S R1 M1 D1 S
avarOHanam: S D1 M1 R1 S

This rAgam was created by Dr M Balamuralikrishna. This is a wonderful rAgam using only 3 shudhDha svarAs, namely rishabham, madhyamam and dhaivatham. He has rendered a song "OmkArA gArini maDhHankAra vArini avathumAm" in his recording for Maestro's Choice series of Music Today (both cassettes and CDs are available). This rAgam can be listed under any of the 9 rAgams that use the 3 swaraas. I am not sure if the composer has specified any association with a particular mELakarthA. It is associated with Hanumathodi (8), in this list along with rEvathi. Like rEvathi, this song also seems related to vEdic chanting. See Krishna Kunchitapadam's pages to read more about rAgams with 3 and 4 svarAs.

rEvathi   Play MP3

ArOHanam: S R1 M1 P N2 S
avarOHanam: S N2 P M1 R1 S

This rAgam evokes Bhakthi rasa, like lavan'gi, and is associated with the mELakarthA Hanumathodi (8). Shri Annamachary's composition "nAnAti badhuku" in this rAgam sung by Shrimathi M S Subbalakshmi is available on CD now. Shri Lalgudi Jayaraman has composed a thillana in this rAgam.

shudhDha sImandhini

ArOHanam: S R1 G2 M1 P D1 S
avarOHanam: S D1 P M1 G2 R1 S

HanumathOdi (8) is the mELakarthA rAgam associated with this rAgam too. It too evokes the Bhakthi rasa. "jAnaki ramanA" composed by Saint Thyagaraja in this rAgam has been sung by many great artistes, including Dr K J Yesudas and Dr M Balamuralikrishna.

magadhi   Play MP3

ArOHanam: S G3 P N2 S
avarOHanam: S N2 P G3 S

Dr M Balamuralikrishna is supposed to have created this rAgam. A rAgam with just 2 svarAs other than the shadjam and panchamam, he has elaborated on this rAgam very well. More about his song in this rAgam can be found in Krishna Kunchitapadam's pages. Due to the similarity with valachi rAgam, this rAgam can be associated with chakravAHam (16).

Thamizh movie fans may remember the song "adhisaya rAgam, Anandha rAgam". This song is composed in magadhi rAgam, except for the stanza beginning with "oru puram pArththAl" and ending with "aval oru bhairavi" which is appropriately in bhairavi rAgam.


ArOHanam: S R1 M1 D2 N3 S
avarOHanam: S N3 D2 P M1 G1 R1 S

This rAgam is associated with mAnavathi (5), as can been seen from its avarOHanam. In the same CD of Kadri Gopalnath that contains the composition in nirOshta rAgam (mentioned above), the first song is Saint Thyagaraja's "adugarAdhani" in manOranjani.

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