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This page is dedicated to Carnatic Music. Theoretical aspects of Carnatic Music are the main contents of these web pages. Links to other interesting web sites that are related to Carnatic Music are provided in this page. In the universe of Carnatic Music, these pages are but a grain of sand.

We have recently added some audio (MP3) pieces to this site. ArOHanam and avarOHanam for selected simple rAgams can be found from rAgams page.

South Indian Classical rAgamsUpdated 22 October, 2000

A comprehensive list of mELakarthA and janya rAgams along with their ArOHanam and avarOHanam. An alphabetical index is also provided for quick access of any rAgam. The latest addition, made in May 1999, are the asampUrna mELakartha rAgams of Venkatamakhi.
Last updated on 22 October, 2000.

Personality of a rAgam (svarUpam or bhAvam)

What is a rAgam? How do we define it? What is its structure? How is it related to other rAgams? What are the scientific aspects? Our thoughts on these questions and more in this new page.
Last updated on 25 March, 2003.

Analysis of Pentatonic rAgams

Relationships between various audava-audava rAgams has been analysed and depicted in the form of a relation tree. The table of svaras of these rAgams has been provided along with appropriate svara sthanas left vacant to bring out the relationships in a way that the reader can relate to and grasp quickly.
Last updated on 9 February, 1998.

More rAgam relationships analysis

Relationships between various audava-sampoorna rAgams and sampoorna-audava rAgams, along with their related sampoorna rAgams and audava-audava rAgams have been analysed. Graha bEdha derivatives of mOHanam and mEchakalyANi and the audava-sampoorna rAgams and sampoorna-audava rAgams related to these rAgams have been given special treatment.
Last updated on 17 February, 1998.

Carnatic Concert Notes

T M Krishna's concert on 6th June 1998, R Prasanna's concert on 31st May 1998, Trisoor V Ramachandran's Rama Navami concert at MIT and other innovations by musicians in the past few years.
Last updated on February 14, 2005.

rAgam tidbits

Madurai T N Seshagopalan's innovation during his performance at IIT, Chennai. K J Yesudas's innovations in rAgam-thAnam-pallavis during Music season at Chennai and other rAgam tidbits. The latest addition in May, 1999 are the rAgams followed by Dhikshitar school, along with comparisons, differences, similarities, etc.
Last updated on 24 May, 1999.

rAgam MP3 samples   Play MP3

ArOHanam and avarOHanam of some selected simple rAgams have been included in MP3 format. You can download these and copy them freely for others too.
Last updated on 5 July, 2000.

Some COOL links

Carnatic CornerAdded 1 Jan, 98

A link to a Comprehensive Collection on Carnatic Music and links to other related sites. It includes Mohan Ayyar's personal collections and articles, which in itself is pretty extensive and useful. This site most likely leads to anything you may want to know about Carnatic music. The best we have seen to date.

Gentle introduction to Carnatic Music

A nice place to start to know basic information on Carnatic music, its relationship with other music, the keyboard, notes, etc. Maintained by Ramesh Mahadevan.

Kumaran Santhanam's Home page

Kumaran Santhanam's web site contains a comprehensive list of Carnatic rAgams along with their ArOHanam and avarOHanam (in plain text format). There are lots of interesting items, including puzzles and brain teasers.

Krishna Kunchithapadam's Home page

This is a comprehensive collection of pages on Theoretical Carnatic Music. It includes information on Carnatic Music elements, articles, reviews, etc. Very good information for any Carnatic music lover.

Prerana's Carnatic pages

This site, called karnAtik contains lyrics to many Carnatic songs and bhajans. It is maintained by Prerana "Rani" Jayakumar. Lot of work has been put in related to other diverse areas and collated at this site. is another comprehensive site with lot of information on Carnatic music. It is maintained by Kishore Balakrishnan and has links to most information required on Carnatic music.

Carnatic Webring

Ring of Carnatic music related sites, which is maintained by Kishore Balakrishnan.

Indian Classical Music Newsgroup

A Classical information source for music lovers. Articles on both Carnatic and Hindusthani music are posted here. You can also post questions which are addressed by those who are actively involved with this news group.

More Carnatic Music links

I have kept the above list short and moved all the other links to a separate dedicated page for Carnatic music links. Hope you find the links useful to get what you are looking for.

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