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This page is dedicated to those men and dogs that made up the Units and especially in memory for those of us who were KIA over there.

and every dog assigned to the:

U.S. Navy K-9 Units, RVN
     US Navy K-9, Sentry Dogs, Da Nang
     US Navy K-9, Sentry Dogs, Cam Rahn Bay
     US Navy K-9, Aqua/Waterdogs, Cam Rahn Bay
     US Navy SEALs

We will try to accurately tell the story of those who served in the units and when, and so doing be a resource for locating members of the units and a path for communications

And, we need your help.   Any information, text, or pictures that you are able to submit, we will try to include.   Any errors or omissions you find tell us, we are striving to be accurate

The philosophy for creation of this page is that the dogs were the constants.  Their tour was unending, the handlers rotated. 

They were our colleagues, our friends, and our companions in arms.  We miss them, honor their memory, and herein salute them

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