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Welcome to the USAFP home page. This site was designed to display my collection. Along with that it was designed for you! To help fellow patch collectors find web pages and others to trade with.

Check me out on eBay! From time to time I could have something you are looking for - visit or click here to see what I have listed.

New collector forum, you can use it to find patches and/or list patches that you would like to sell! It is a great resource for finding patches! Click on the Forum button on the menu bar or click here. The more people that join, the more likely your find what you'll looking for or find somebody to trade with! Check it out at

Close-out sale!!! $199 for my whole collection! Have a lower bid feel free to e-mail me at: aaron . nash _at@_ comcast _d.o.t_ net! Paypal accepted! All patches and pins list on this web site are included!

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