It is the policy of the Oyster Plate & Collectible Society to strongly condemn the issuance of reproductions, facsimiles (unless produced for commemorative purpose), or copies of all types of collectibles in the field of oyster-related collectibles; to exclude from membership all who engage in such endeavors and to publish full details of such endeavors; and to urge members to report any known fraudulent or misrepresented sources to the Executive Board.



Susan and Jim Harran reported in the October 12, 1998 issue of Antique Week that "Fake Nippon oyster plates are turning up coast to coast. The fake pieces even have a Nippon mark under the glaze. Some examples of phony Nippon oyster plates being sold by a reproduction outlet today are as follows: A 9-inch oyster plate with floral decoration inside of the six wells, marked Nippon, sells for $12. A four-well oyster-shaped plate with a center sauce well, measuring 8 1/2 inches can be bought wholesale for $15. A 9-inch white oyster plate with six wells and a smaller center well for a lemon, molded in the star design is priced at $12."


Andrea notified the membership in the WINTER 1997 NEWSLETTER that the "napkin plate" is being reproduced. The plate has four oyster-shaped wells and a petal-shaped center sauce. A molded napkin is superimposed on the plate. The reproduction is distinguishable because of the Haviland 'logo' forgery. Haviland did not produce this plate. The table rim also has 2 wire loops embedded where a wire could be threaded in order to hang the plate on a wall. The reproduction is exceptionally heavy and the 'logo' and embedded wire loops are a 'dead give-away'. The original plate can be seen on page 69, top right and page 63, top left in Karsnitz's Oyster Plate Book. Most of the authentic plates have no manufacturers marking on the reverse side.


This majolica plate has sold at auction for almost $2000.

The copy does not have the detail of the original. The colors are more lavender and turquoise. The back of the plate is crude with some glaze skips. The diameter of the rim is larger than that of the authentic plate.

This NEW plate is being sold on eBAY.


As with the Nippon, the Victorians did not have wire hangers placed on the backs of their dinnerware.




Authentic UPW Plate

Jim & Vivian Karsnitz note in their book, Oyster Plates, that UPW plates are being reproduced today with a much larger mark than the originals. It is stamped with black ink and is easily recognized as a reproduction.


The 6 well Minton with shells and beads in between the wells has been seen at an antique mall in Maryland. The copy lacks detail, and the shells and beads are poorly done.


A four well plate with a petal-shaped center sauce, similar to the "napkin plate", with the Haviland mark for the period 1876-1889 in large black letters, is turning up at antique shows and shops. The porcelain is heavy and coarse and the hand painting is amateurish. The back of the plate has runny glaze that was sloppily applied.

Another "Haviland" showing up is a reproduction of the wheel spoke design with six wells between the spokes. A crude oyster is hand painted in each well. It is believed this plate was produced about thirty years ago as a Haviland copy.



Many French Companies, including Sarreguemines, Longchamp and Quimper, have continued to make Oyster Plates. A recent Quimper catalog lists an oyster platter in the Décor Henriot pattern. It is 13 inches in diameter with 12 oyster-shaped wells with a floral decoration. A Breton woman is painted in the center well. The platter retails for $150. A 9 1/2-inch plate in the same pattern with 6 wells with flowers and a peasant man in one sells for $79.50.

Other new plates are also being made and are sure to start showing up in shops and at shows.


New 12 Well

New 12 Well


New Fan Plate

Original Fan Plate

Arcoroc, a French glassmaker, made this new Oyster Plate.

This plate is often seen advertised as Malachite.

New Limoges. Plate is much heavier than older Limoges.


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