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Hello, welcome to my first ferret pages! My name is Kathy. I hope you find what you are looking for while you are visiting this site. The object of this site is to inform and educate people (to the best of my abilities) about the companionship of ferrets, tell ferret stories and even get more information on my pages from readers like you! I fell in love with ferrets in 1983 at first sight! If you find any errors on this page please let me know corrections are always welcome!!

(hey sppptt!! Adopt a ferret today) A list of shelters

The domesticated ferret (Mustela putorius furo) are in the weasle family: polecat, mink, ermine, otter ect....Ferrets have been domesticated longer than cats for about 2,000 to 3,000 years dating back to the time of Ancient Greece (not Egypt, as some mistakenly report). In fact, the ferret was at one time more popular than the house cat. Ferrets have long been special pets of royalty. Queen Victoria regularly gave ferrrets as presents to members of the upper classes that she liked. Ferrets can be noted throughout history I won't get too much into that for now. Maybe later I will add a page dedicated to famous people and ferrets when I have gathered more information.

Sadly there are people that have HORRIBLE misconceptions about ferrets. Ferrets are NOT baby killers and are (in my experiences) very gentle with SUPERVISED children. You should NEVER EVER LEAVE ANY PET ALONE with a small child as it would and can be traumatic to the child and/or the pet!

When I mention to people I have a ferret I hear unbelieveable stories about ferrets killing/harming children. Although I have never read any documented proof of a ferret killing a child/infant the rumors are common. I urge you to never leave a pet alone with a small child. What would you do if you were under 5 lbs. and had no other defense other than your teeth or claws and you were being violently thrown around, kicked or teased? My point exactly. I have small children that have never been harmed in any way by my ferrets, so please all you ferret haters out there, get educated? People look and sound really silly when they don't know what their talking about. I'm sorry for putting it that way but it's pure honesty. I don't want anyone walking around looking stupid. Just fair warning :o)

As far as I know ferrets are legal all over the United States with the exception of California. (Ca Ca Land as it is commonly known as by ferret fans) See also the extensive list of FFZ's (Ferret Free Zones) at Ferret Central.

Warhol Ferret
ADOPT A FERRET TODAY! A list of shelters
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Do they bite?
My own *edited* ferret art
Ferret Central
Compendium of animal rabies control, 1998
MEMORANDUM,Compendium of animal rabies control, 1998
You know you're a ferret person when......
"Shump"one of my ferrets. See her inside my Fender guitar? Isn't she a cutie? ',:o)
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Join the Ferret Mailing List! AKA FML. A MUST!!!! This is one of the most helpful ways to exchange information, questions and answers about ferrets. Even the biggest ferret experts learn more about ferrets from this list! To subscribe to the FML, send Email to the moderator Bill Gruber at ask to be added. To be automatically added send Email to with the command Subject: SUBSCRIBE FERRET and your first and last name in the body of the Email.

Always check back for changes, this site is regularly updated (or at least I try). I will be adding a picture gallery and more links to "ferret Folks" pages. If you would like your link on my page E-mail me the request along with the URL and what you would like the name of the link to show up as.

You are fuzzy lover number to have hopped on to this page since Jan. 9th 1998.

The prestigious Ferret Lovers Award I've won an award! Thanks to Toni and Dinky! Another great ferret page to see!!

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(Sppptt!! adopt a ferret today) A list of shelters
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