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Laurie Hi! Glad you dropped by. Just wanted to tell you a little about myself so you can not only put a face to me but also get to know me a little better.

My name is Laurie Scott, I'm 41 years old, and I live in Maine, the beautiful "Vacation Land" state! I am known as "Lady Laurel" on the Internet, I'm a redhead, am very happily married to Roger, and I have a son, Corey, who turns 21 this July. I am owned by two very spoiled cocker spaniels who are fully aware they have the run of the house and also by two parakeets, Peetie and Buddie.

I work for the Maine Department of Corrections, Division of Probation and Parole, as a Clerk Typist III (fancy name for a secretary!), and I've been with them for 20 years this month! Holy cow! Corey's almost 21, 20 years on the job . . . I'm feeling very old all of a sudden! ~giggle~

We bought a home computer a year ago, and I discovered GeoCities and webpages in August and have been hooked ever since! So many fascinating sites here at GeoCities and on the Internet. It gives one so many ideas to share with everyone! I hope to retire from my employment fairly young and be self-employed at home building webpages!

I'm a kid at heart. I have recently started collecting Beanie Babies, and I also collect Anne of Green Gables things, Winnie the Pooh things (my kitchen is decorated in Pooh!), my husband and I collect lighthouses, I collect souvenir spoons from different places we visit, Disney movies, china cups and saucers, china teapots, silver, crystal, and my favorite possessions are my Tickle Me Elmo and my Tickle Me Cookie Monster (I *love* Sesame Street!).

I love to read, take walks with the dogs, go to the mall, animals (especially dogs, horses, ducks, and goats), and I love movies - especially disney movies. My favorite place in the world is Bar Harbor/Mount Desert Island/Acadia National Park here in Maine, and we're planning our first trip to Walt Disney World for October 1999 - I'm psyched!

I'm a tv-a-holic (but I've gotten better since we got the computer), and I love Frasier, Seinfeld, Everybody Loves Raymond, Touched by an Angel, Chicago Hope, Victoria's Closet, Just Shoot Me, figure skating, and NASCAR Racing (go Jeff Gordon!). My favorite movies are all Disney movies (especially the Pooh ones!), Gone With The Wind, Somewhere in Time, Anne of Green Gables, and most old movies.

I also love music ~ almost every kind of music. Some of my favorites are Garth Brooks, Enya, Yanni, Celtic music, Christian Contemporary, Stevie Nicks, Steve Perry, soundtracks, Steve Miller Band (I know, I know . . . some of you young-uns are going, "Who?!"), Enigma, Elton John, Amy Grant, reggae, classical, new age ~ everything!

I also love rainbows, blowing bubbles, chewing Bazooka bubble gum, skipping rope, shooting koozsh balls, water gun fights, pillow fights, video games, carnivals, and laughing!

I have recently become fascinated by King Arthur, Camelot, and Merlin! I *love* Disney's Sword in the Stone, and I loved the movie Merlin on NBC. Am currently reading books on the whole sad saga. I like stories that have happy endings and everyone lives "happily ever after"! :o)

Let me see . . . my favorite foods are pizza, lasagna, Chinese food, Taco Bell, ice cream, cotton candy, and potatoes (fixed almost any way) . . . *love* those Maine potatoes!

Guess that's me in a nutshell. I've also provided some other websites of my family. Drop by sometime when you're out and about surfing. We love company!

Just for fun, I've listed 100+ facts about me here!

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