Hi, I'm Emmy.

I have been checking out other birds on the net for awhile so I decided to put myself on one day while my Mom was away. I am getting better with this typing with a beak. I am a Mitred Conure. Mom has not been able to find much information on me. But one of the books she read told that Mitred's are loud and are not good talkers. I do like to yell, but thats not fair everyone likes to yell sometimes. I can say lots of stuff. One of my favorite things to say is "I love you". Ok, I yell it at my Mom. My next favorite thing to yell is something Grandma taught me "you're make'n me mad!!!" Grandma does not like it when I use it on Her, but Mom thinks it's pretty funny. You got to be careful what you teach us birds we may use it on YOU!!

The other day I was sreaming and my Mommy was on the phone and she told me to shhh! I did not like that so I ran over and ran my bell. When I am sleepy I like to sit with my bell over my head. Mommy calls me bell head. I guess I do look a little silly. But I have been really careful not to let Mommy get a picture of me with it...lol.

This is when I got my new cage! I had to check out the whole thing. It is over two times the size of my old one. I have LOTS of room for toys now.
My Mom finely got the camera thing down, she hides the video cam and takes the tape and gets pictures use-ing a Snappy.
In this picture I was getting a bite of cheesecake!!! This is my famous pick me up pose.

Here I am doing one of my favorite things, Grandma is rocking me and singing rock-a-bye-baby.
More tricks I like to do.

This is Rudy my little conure brother


This is Lucky to learn more about him clickHere.

This is my friend Kitty. CLick hereto go to the page I gave him to use for him and his friends. He sleeps under the desk while I type so he has gotten the hang on this web page stuff too.

This is a picture of Pumpkin. I do not like her very much she makes a lot of noise. But she did teach me how to whine (something Mom hates).


This is a friend of mine. Her name is Ice. I did not like her when she came to live with us cause she is so big. She walked right up to my cage and stuck her black nose where it did not belong so I bite it! She has never come to my cage again. And Mom only lets me out when she is not in the room. She thinks she rules the house but we know thats not true cause I do. But I give her credit for some of the links because she gets out of the house with Mom more then I do.

I have gotten lots of mail sences I started this page, And I would like to say thanks to all of you out there who are willing to write to a bird. Sorry if you sent me mail and I did not answer you, Mom would not let me play with the e-mail. But Grandma taugh me how to work it, so I will try and write back from now on. A few of my favorite things are apples and my Grandma. I am "Grandma's Baby". When she calls I yell at my Mom "I want to talk to Grandma

My Mom has a page of her own with a little bit about WPW and some links. If you want to check it out go here!

Would you like to see some more Photos (click here) of me and some of my friends?

Please visit our picture a day at the Beach!.

I would like to Thank my friend Riley for my first award!

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Remember Diana

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