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Quavajo is a Hopi word for an eagle-feather prayer stick. This site will, I hope, help to deepen your understanding of your true self, liberate your spirit, encourage you to understand and develop your unique gifts, and grow into what you and all of us were meant to be-- maybe even beyond. It is also a platform from which we may all help defend our freedoms. Let's all be freer.

we may be only tears in the rain
but the corn grows
the rivers flow
and it sure does make the roads slick

the spirit

The word spirit itself leads us to believe that it's elusive at best, something that evaporates on
contact with the air or the light of day. In western cultures we have been taught that the spirit is outside of us, invariably residing behind a complex and powerful screen of men who describe him/it and set down THE RULES for us to obey. Our reward for obedience comes later, beyond the days of the flesh. The butterfly is used here to show that the transformation can remain here-- a transformation of energy within the same flesh.
further thoughts on the politics of spirit-myths

We are all spirits sent here to learn from and live within these bodies for a time. We are NOT the highest life-form, just one of many, and one of some considerable wonder. We are strikingly similar to the butterfly in that we spend much of our lives earthbound and feeding-- feeding our egos as a necessary motivation to develop our abilities and achieve -- then transforming, when we are ready, into beings of much greater freedom, spiritual power, and beauty through how we use that power, free to fly from flower to flower, tasting the sweetness and leaving the food of future growth, and finally finding another beautiful like-spirit with which to combine, start the cycle again and thus open the door for other spirits to come to earth, inhabit new bodies, and sample this life.
more on self and ego

Though a few rare human souls seem to have been born timeless and free, most of us live our first three or four decades like the caterpillar, feeding our egos, until who we truly are is confirmed in ourselves and the eyes of our fellows. From this point forward we must grow beyond ego, moving gently away from inhibitions, rules, and convention if we have not before, giving and sharing respectfully but openly and fully with all who touch us.
more on growth beyond ego

This site is a prayer (and another open door) that you may deepen your understanding of your true self, draw closer to your ancestors, angels and spirit-guides, and continue your journey through this life of the senses with a greater awareness of ALL its possibilities, and a greater willingness to fully open and bring your soul to the surface, and meet and taste its wonderful offerings with the many like-minded souls who travel with you on your road of choice.
your true self and other things, plus special links


slick roads

[Powerful men, the RULES, and junkie caterpillars]

So much for the romantic stuff-- it seems the rain stirs up the bugs and loosens the road scum. THE RULES are multiplying like ecstacy-laced ever-ready bunnies. Profit and greed beyond excess drive business, media and political leaders; respect for their fellows is reduced to lip-service by the daily denials, misrepresentations, secrecy, and manipulation visited on the public so they can retain and increase their power. The only "weapon" we have here at Quavajo is an honest look straight in the eye, actions to match, and fervent hopes that the freedom and openness of all human souls will blossom and flourish. So we've listed these sites where we can all go to keep an eye on these guys, and the new rules they're thinking about.
just how slick are they?

what about the future?
The Author's Journey
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Indigenous Peoples' Law & Legal Issues Center for a New Democracy

Forfeiture Endangers American Rights Excite's Politics Channel: US & Federal Gov't
Information Warfare Public Citizen [fndr Ralph Nader]
The Democracy Network HandsNet Action Alerts
National Coalition for the Homeless Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law
GuideStar: The Donor's Guide To The Nonprofit Universe
NARC Progressive Clearinghouse
exhaustive links to virtually every possible advocacy group
Legislative Watch/Environment ACLU Freedom Network
Environmental Defense Fund's Chemical Scoreboard
(a chemical hazard information service; check your locale!)
Make Contact: Environmental Legislation & Contacting Congress
Watchdog Groups Jim Galasyn's High Weirdness Homepage
Center for Democracy & Technology CDT's Counter-Terrorism Issues Page
Project Vote Smart [check on 13,000 politicians!]
This site will enable you to search Congress for Bills on ANY subject:
Search Bill Summary & Status - 105th Congress

see also links category [!danger watch!]

Find something to shout about? Then TELL IT TO THE WHITE HOUSE

text and links updates at Quavajo
[last update 9/20/98]
New Sections: Architecture - The Marin House
The Hopi - a gift to us all

new page: the author's totems
updated: The Author's Journey
Schools, Learning, and Adults
new additions to links pages:

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god grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change,
the courage to change the things I can,
and the wisdom to know the difference

Some of Quavajo's favorite Links

The New Civilization Network
The Celestine Prophecy Home Page
Outline of The Celestine Prophecy (32K)
The WWW Virtual Library: Sumeria
LifeWeb: The Writings of Elisabet Sahtouris
National Museum of the American Indian
Earth Wisdom [beautiful, brilliant, all-inclusive]
House of Breathings [the finest Celtic site on the Web]
Spirit to Spirit Web Links [huge, comprehensive links listings]
AwareNET Neural Links [great astrology services and more]
Native Web, a cyber-place for earth's indigenous peoples [aren't we all?]
The Hopi Home Page

[astrology] [futures] [native people & cultures] [personal growth]
[spiritual philosophy] [edges] [labor and economics] [religious thought]
[shamanism] [recovery] [consciousness] [!danger watch!] [liberty]
--[more categories here are coming online soon]--

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