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. . .and they lived happily ever after. Baa! Baa! No, not as shepherds. Oh! Hello. Didn't see you come in. My name is Belle, from Disney' 30th animated feature, Beauty and the Beast. After marrying the man of my dreams and starring in my own movie, I decided to come back to this poor provincial town and spread around a little literacy. And that's why I opened Belle's Bookshop. You're welcome to look around, just remember to put everything back when you're done. Baa! Baa! Um, excuse me. Enjoy! Hey, pal, you eat it, you buy it!

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As of 8/06/99, this site is stagnant. I can't afford the time to make changes at the moment. I'm sorry, but currently my time is pretty much eaten up by other things. I promise that I really will try to make some changes as soon as possible, but first I have to assess what needs to be done. Thank you for all your continued patience and support.

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Paige's Page!

A page dedicated to the woman who gave Belle her voice, Paige O'Hara

Creative Collections

Fan Work about Beauty and the Beast

The Photo Albums

Pictures of Belle and the rest of Beauty and the Beast's cast

The BatB Quiz!

So, you think you're pretty smart, eh? Take the quiz and find out if you know as much about BatB as you think you do... :)

The Beauty of Beauty and the Beast

Why I think this movie is the greatest

The Soundtrack

Beauty and the Beast's great soundtrack

The Errors

Come check out what went wrong in BatB


Belle's Personal Fan Club

Sign The Bookshop's Guestbook!

Please, please, please, please, PLEASE!!

Awards For the Bookshop!

Wow! And you thought this wasn't a good page...:)

More Adventure in the Great Wide Somewhere

Disclaimer: All images of Belle and other characters from Disney's Beauty and the Beast are property of the Walt Disney Company and are used without permission. The maintainer is in no way associated or connected with the Walt Disney Company, and does not intend to make any kind of profit from this homepage. If there is any problem regarding anything on this page, please notify the maintainer and it will be taken care of.
Like this page? Hate it? Do you have any suggestions? Please mail all comments and questions toCharlotte. Constructive criticism only, please. Suggestions are welcomed!

Copyright 1997, Charlotte

Come see our new bookshop pet, Mr. Burns!

Poor Provincial People Have Checked Out Books Since 8/12/97

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