Warp Nine: The Future Begins Here

Welcome to Warp Nine's home on the web! Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Fleet Admiral Terra Greene, and I'll be your host while you're here in our little corner of the galaxy. Let me show you around!

You'll notice several different types of areas here. The first one, and most important if this is your first visit, is the guided tour. It's pretty short right now, seeing as not all of our ships are represented here yet. The Admiralty Board area is a good place to get to know the people who run Warp Nine. All the real action takes place on the ships and stations in the Ships of the Fleet, Station Deep Space 5, and The Delta Fleet areas. Keep up to date on what's going on in Warp Nine in Fleet News. Find out more about Warp Nine in the FAQ and What Is Warp Nine? Interested in becoming a member yourself? Just go to the How to Join area. Of course, the Warps area contains many warps to other virtual locations in our galaxy.

Warp Nine: The Tour Begins Here
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Warp Nine: The Visitors Count Here ships have passed through Warp Nine space since Stardate 9801.26.

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