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Kaliweb's July 1999 Contest
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Star Wars Collectibles Inventory :

Star Wars Collectibles- Star Wars Trading Cards, Tons of Unusual Star Wars items, and lots more!

Want List : Star Wars See if you have anything I am trading for.

Comic Book Inventory :

Comic Book Lots Deals - Spiderman, SilverAge,  and X-Men special lot offers with prices. Many JPG's of my comics. Check this Out!!
Mad & Cracked Magazines
Comic Cards- Comic related cards.

Kaliweb's July 1999 Contest :

Name the TV show where the above animation  is from.
At least 2 possible correct answers.
To enter, send the following things to :

Kaliweb Collectibles
PO Box 3923
Olathe, KS 66063-3923 :

1) Your answer
2) The top 2 things you like to collect
3) Self Addressed Stamped Envelope

Correct entries will receive something cool via Snail Mail.
Non - Sports Cards Inventory :

Non Sports Cards- Sets, Packs, and Common cards of cool movies, TV shows, and more !
Comic Cards- Comic related cards.

Baseball Cards Inventory :

All Baseball cards must go. Make us a fair offer for all of them, and we will accept it.

Special Offers  - Check out this month's special offers.
SuperStar Cards  - Super Star Cards Listed by Star. Griffey Jr, McGwire, Ripken Jr , and most others.
Oddball Baseball   - All kinds of unusual Baseball Cards, sets, food issues, etc.
Single Cards  -  Star Cards Listed by Year and Brand. From the 60's to late 80's. Lots of rookies.
Old Baseball Commons  - Commons from 1972 and under.
Unopened Material and Sets  - Prices Now Listed.  Unopened boxes and packs.


Other Sports Cards Inventory :

Basketball Cards- All Bball  cards must go. Make us a fair offer for all of them, and we will accept it.

Football Cards - All Football cards must go. Make us a fair offer for all of them, and we will accept it.

Other Sports Cards- All these cards must go. Make us a fair offer for all of them, and we will accept it.
Auto Racing, Rare Golf Cards, Hockey, etc.


USACoins Inventory : US Coins
Foreign Coins Inventory : Foreign Coins
VinylRecords Inventory ( Prices Listed ) : Records

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