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Dead Or Alive 2,Jackie Chan,Sim Theme Park
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//// Recommended entertainment- Comic Book-Mego Twisted Theater Volume 3

//// Compact Disc-Planet Earth-Prince/Compilation Album-Soak Your Shoes in Red Wine & Strike The Angels Dumb //Song-"the Pretender"-the Foo Fighters ////

Novel- A Lion's Tale- Chris Jericho /// Book- Wrestlecrap Book of Lists! by RD Reynolds & Blade Braxton

Graphic Novel - Batman in the 70's

//// Comedy Cassette-Our Dumb Century-The Editors of The Onion/

//// Comedy CD-America (The Audiobook)-The Daily Show

//// CD Reissue-Forever Changes-Love X-box 360- Madden 2009

//// Playstation Game-N20 /PS2 Game-Tiger Woods 2009/

//// Movie- Hamlet 2

///// Gamecube-NBA Street 2/ X-box Game-Raw 2

////// Documentary Movie-Cocaine Cowboys /DVD-Kino Film Noir Collection Video Rental- Rescue Dawn//////Soundtrack-Death Proof

////// Snowboarding Video-First Descent /Motocross Tape-Dust To Glory /Surf DVD-The Rising/Skateboard Tape-Slammed//

///// TV Show -TNA Impact- and Lost /N64 game-Wrestlemania 2000/Action Figure-DJ Blaine /Arcade Game-Star Castle /Dreamcast Game-Seaman/ Pinball Game-South Park/ Rollercoaster-Apollo's Chariot

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