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The Creatures of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
Activity Cycle:
No. Appearing:
Armor Class:
Hit Dice:
No. of Attacks:
Special Attacks:
Special Defenses:
Magic Resistance:
XP Value:
Very rare
8-10 (Average)
S, V
Neutral evil
4d4+2 or 2d6
+1 or silver to hit
L (9' tall)
Champion (15-16)

nly a handful of mortals have glimpsed a slogra and lived to tell the tale. Descriptions of the beast inevitably turn on the witness’ certainty that the creature must have been spawned in the pits of Hell itself. To be sure, the appearance and disposition of the slogra strongly suggests an infernal origin. However, that awful genesis probably predates the existence of humanity by eons. Since that time, the slogra have fallen long and hard, degenerating into a fleeting reflection of the terrible race they once were. Through some twist of fate, the Mists snared the last of the slogra a few centuries ago. The slogra are now wholly creatures of the Demiplane of Dread, a dying race with unspeakable appetites, trapped in a world they cannot comprehend.

Slogra are terrifying to behold. Though they are humanoid, a kind of alien otherworldliness clings to their blasphemous shape. They seem to be part reptile, part avian, and part…something else. A slogra towers over an adult human, standing nine feet tall. Its frame is emaciated, a bony, stick-figure mockery. Its mottled green, gray, and black skin is stretched tight over protruding bones and covered with weeping sores. The creature’s serpentine neck is topped with a slim head featuring a long, wicked beak-like mouth. Small eyes peer out from the sides of its head, glowing a baleful orange. Its feet and hands are tipped with yellowed, curving talons. Slogra wear no clothing, and seem to be sexless. They are rarely seen without their signature polearms--brass spetums with infernal enchantments. They carry the acrid stench of vomit and gangrene everywhere they go.

Slogra can learn to speak mortal tongues relatively easily, and most know a handful of widespread languages. It is unknown if slogra have their own language.

Combat: Slogra are exceedingly dangerous opponents. They love bloodshed and butchery, and have the strength to stand against the more powerful creatures native to the Demiplane of Dread. Though hardly more intelligent than a typical human, slogra are quite cunning in battle. They are also merciless, and never have any interest in parlaying or negotiating.

A slogra typically attacks with its magical spetum, a spear-like polearm which acts as a +2 weapon. The slogra can attack once per round with the weapon, for 4d4+2 points of damage. Every other round, a slogra can unleash a small fireball from its spetum at a single target, who suffers 2d4 points of fire damage (save vs. spell for half damage). Though a slogra can be disarmed, its spetum cannot be used by other creatures, who take 2d6 points of damage per round if they attempt to wield the polearm. If a slogra is destroyed, its spetum dissolves into an oily cloud of smoke in 1d6 turns.

If a slogra is disarmed, or is otherwise unable to attack with its weapon, it can impale creatures with its wicked beak, inflicting 2d6 damage once per round. Slogra can only be harmed by silver weapons or weapons of at least +1 enchantment. They have a magic resistance of 30% and infravision to ninety feet.

Habitat/Society: Slogra are rare in the extreme. One is not likely to simply run into one while traveling the wilds of the Land of Mists. Slogra move through the shadows of the world, avoiding humanity as a general rule. They seek out evil creatures of great power and offer their services as guardians. They expect no payment in return, simply the opportunity to use their brutal talents. Thus, slogra are rarely found outside of the darkest dungeons, crypts, and castles.

While it is clear that slogra take great pleasure in bloodshed, they are either incapable or unwilling to simply rampage across the Land of Mists, slaying everything in sight. It may be that they are cursed, or perhaps simply laboring under a forgotten infernal contract. The slogra are cold and vigilant when not engaged in combat, and seem to accept their lot as servitors. However, they are very confused and angered by their entrapment in the Demiplane. They remember nothing of their existence before the Mists. They are very close-lipped creatures, however, and would probably not volunteer any information about their nature if they possessed it.

Slogra have no society, though they likely did at one point. They are so few in number—perhaps a dozen at most are thought to exist in whole Demiplane—that contact between two of their kind is highly improbable. They treat all other creatures with cold contempt, but are always obedient to their current masters. They do not value money or material objects, and are completely incapable of understanding virtue. Compassion, honesty, and purity are utterly alien concepts to their race.

Ecology: Infernal origin or not, slogra have a normal biology in most respects, including the need to eat, drink, sleep, and breathe. They do not age, however. They are strict carnivores, preferring to eat their prey live when at all possible. Beyond this, slogra have little impact on their surroundings. Furthermore, they are found in places so blasphemous and forbidding that few normal creatures have the opportunity to interact with them. Slogra seem to be incapable of reproduction, and therefore it should only be a matter of time until they have been eradicated from the Demiplane. Of course, given the power of these creatures, it is unlikely that such a time will come soon.

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