Moldering Bones: Forgotten Odds ands Ends



Top Ten Signs That a Love of Pro Wrestling Is Interfering with Your RAVENLOFT Campaign
by Tim Knight

10. All the zombies wear masks.
9. If your character dies, you give the DM a powerbomb.
8. You celebrate victories by giving your opponents the DX crotch chop.
7. Master vampire talks in the third person, calls himself the "People's Vampire."
6. Party leader answers all questions with "OOOOHHHH YEEEAAAHHH!!!"
5. All party shields read "Van Richten 3:16."
4. Paladin trades in holy avenger for a +4 steel chair.
3. You don't decapitate the werewolf, you give him the Stone Cold Stunner.
2. When you walk into the lich's lair, rock music begins playing.
1. Strahd paints his face like the Crow and drops from the rafters.


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