Moldering Bones: Forgotten Odds and Ends


From the Journal of Kostrzyn Lubartów, Wanderer of the Black Woods:

t is not unsual for the common folk to regale travelers with local tales during the slow hours of the night. Most commonly, these are astonishing—yet somehow darkly credible—stories of unnatural happenings and strange creatures. More often than not, these stories end in tragedy. Occassionally, however, one stumbles upon a village where there is a brighter cast to the gossip. The people there speak of the heroic deeds of strangers, men and women whose struggled against dark forces of our Land. These deeds have become legend to the handful of souls who were delivered by such mysterious wanderers...



"TIDES" - September 1998 to October 2000

"We Are Not Who We Are"
"Lingering Memories"
"The Mill Witch"
"The Created"
"The Taste of Marrow"
"When Black Roses Bloom"
"Scum and Villainy"
"Tears for Anastasia"
"The Watchers on the Mountain"
"The Long Journey Home"
"Return to the House on Gryphon Hill"
"Web of Illusion"
"The Day the Sun Stood Still"
"High Tide"


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