Ancient Egypt

Makeup: For makeup, they mixed color earth with oil. Men used eyeliner, as well as women. Red lipstick was a favorite.

Hair: Hair is different depending on the social classes. Monks were bald, but the rich wore elaborate wigs. Plaits were especially populer with the wigs. During parties, they would wear perfume cones on top of their heads.

Jewelry: Jewelry was very important for religion, as well as the looks. The rich wore silver and gold necklaces, and bangles with gems. If they could not afford gems, they would wear their jewelry with glass beads. Sometimes. they would wear a sash (silk) around their waist.

Men: Men and women alike both wore very light clothing, and thin ones also. For decortation, men wore a bead collar around their neck. Most of these head animals, such as a falcon-head. The poor would wrap a linen towel around to cover their body. As for the rich, the would wear a long kilt.

Women: Women, like men, wore linen also. For a special event, women would wear a tunic with many tiny pleats. Servents wore a long dress that reached up to their ankles and were up to their arms. When women were working, they wore the same thing as servents did, unless they were rich.

Fabrics: Linen

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