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Updated 4/27/04

Well here goes nothin' *L*
You have stumbled into the psychodelic world of Hippie Chick
Here among these pages you will be transported back into the 1960's
So hop on the caravan of love, if you can catch it, and hold on tight.

I myself was born in the mid 60's, so I was of course a baby during the days of flower power.
But, I am convinced I would have made a great flower child. *s*
I have the love beads, and tie dyed clothing to prove it.
I am a fan of the music of the 60's, as well as the music of today.
By hopping on the bus you will be taken to my psychodelic haven.

Thanks CH ziners for selecting my site!

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Useless trivia: Elephants are the only animals that can't jump. (thankfully)

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