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Welcome to The What Manifesto??, a web-page for writers of all genres, styles and levels of expertise. It's my goal to provide a gateway site to information about all aspects of writing, from fiction and non-fiction to some information on academic writing as well. In addition to links on writing, you can also find links to various subjects that interest me here and links to things I've written.

Because the two genres I like reading and writing the most are fantasy and mystery, there is going to be a slight bias toward information on those two fields, though I do hope to be able to provide information for just about every genre. Mainly, it boils down to my ability to find information on a particular genre on line.

Thanks! and I hope you enjoy!


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1/2/2001: Added the The What Manifesto?? Store. Buy books, videos and DVDs through the Amazon.Com Associates program.

Check this out: TWM is featured in the A Writer's Guide to the Internet published by Trevor Lockwood and Karen Scott. You can buy the book from Amazon.Com: United Kingdom Actually, I got word from about this a while back from Mr. Lockwood himself, but I'm a lazy, lazy woman sometimes...

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