OK- How many of these Naval Terms do you Remember?

(Stolen (in part) from, I mean courtesy of... www.navydp.com- The Navy Collector's Web Page)

Here are some terminology and phrases from the 40's, 50's and 60's:

Aye Aye, Rope Yarn Sunday (usually on a Wednesday), Lucky Bag, Ditty Bag, Kiddie Cruiser, Slick Arm Chief, Sea Bat, Jack O' The Dust, Designated Seaman, Mail Buoy Watch, Skylarking, Dead Horse, After-Steering, Sparks, Plimsoll Mark, On-the-Beach, Deck Ape, Snipe, Airdale, Bubble Head, Scope Dope,

Sparks, Brown Shoe, Bull Ensign, Acting Chief, Shit Can, Field Day, Fart Sack, Gigline, Make-a-Hole, By-Your-Leave, Striker, UnRep, Ghost Boats, Sweepers, Highline, Skivey Waver, Fuel-Aid, Captain's Mast, 12 0'clock report, Holiday Routine, Pecker Checker, Monkey Fist, Marline, Bright Work, Gun Tub, Sea Lawyer, MAA, Turn To, "Boats", Knock Off, Horsecock, POD,

Liberty cuffs, Secured, Butt Kit, Chit, Heave Out and Trice Up, Heave Around, Fiddler's Green, Westac, Heave Out and Trice up, Scuttlebutt, Shaft Alley, Wing Pisser, Smoking Lamp, Port Chi, Oscar-the-Dummy, Roast Beast, Swim Call, Padre, Rat Guard/Crab Guard, LTGB, Mid-Rats, BOHICA, Acey-Ducey Club, Salt, Plank Owner,

Go Short-Time, "Sweepers, Man Your Brooms", Short-timer, Irish Pennant, Liberty Call, Binnacle List, Titless Wave, Zero-Dark-Thirty, Cinderella Liberty, Dixie Cup, Camel, Lifer, Zulu Time, Huks, Geedunk, VertRep, Channel fever, CasRep, Douche kit, Skate out, Beer Muster, Gear adrift, Dog watch, Pollywog, Shit River, Shellback, Golden Dragon, First Dog Watch, Reefer, Foxtail,

Goat Locker, Pay Line, "The Eagle Shits Today", Hot Rack, Courtesy Flush, Westpac widow, Tin Can Sailor, Smoke Boat sailor, Pogey bait, SOPA, Relative bearing grease, Bird Farm sailor, Gator Navy, Nuke boats, Pig boats, "This is no shit",

The Old Man, Boot, Salt Water Coffee, Gitmo's One-Eyed Indian, CBU, Mail Buoy, BT Punch, Five-for-Seven, Slush Fund, Roach Coach, Haze Gray and Underway, Clothes Stop, Bug Juice.

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