Scrapbook- Vietnam Era...
Lots of Odds and Ends

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A Chieu Hoi Card- Dont Know Where I Got It
Chieu Hoi cards were dropped from planes or handed out in the villages by GI's to encourage Viet Cong to go over to the Government side. There was money in it for them.
Souvenir of Fiddler's Green EM Club, Sasebo
Hong Kong- '69

An MPC- Military Payment Certificate- Funny Money so the
Commies couldn't get our greenbacks.

A North Vietnamese stamp-
Is That "Hanoi Jane" Fonda Sitting on the Gun ? Another Hanoi Jane Site

The Local Sights in Sasebo, Japan

A local watering hole in Olongapo.
Tableside in a Fine Dining Establishment in Olongapo- 1968
See that Fresh SA stripe ?
Can You Believe I was DUMB ENOUGH
to Send this to My Girlfriend (Now My Wife)?
Even Now, Thirty Years Later, She NEVER Lets Me Forget It !

QM3 Layne Sent Me these Photos after The Ship Was Decommissioned. He Was Easily Amused
More as they pop up.

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