USS Rainier
Midwatch Entry- New Year's Day, 1969

Quartermaster's Log- 1 JAN 1969 0000

By tradition, the Mid-Watch log for New Year's Morning is written in verse, but some are "verse" than others. My shipmate, QM3 Leonard Layne's inspired effort is certainly a classic of Vietnam-era naval literature.

Steaming alone on New Year's Day,
The Rainier continues to make her way.
COMSEVFLT's New Year's Day will be gay,
But out to sea, Rainier must stay.
Our Third Quarter schedule for '69
Has us out to sea most of the time.
Right now we're headed for Subic Bay-
On course 074 the helmsman must stay.
076 is our checking course.
(It's powered by magnetic force.)
Fourteen knots is our top speed
But it's really all we ever need.
All ahead full is plenty fast,
If the mighty Norbergs can only last.
Numbers one and two are going strong
Singing their noisy, deafening song
Ship's generators, we've two on the line
Supplying electricity at this time.
The numbers of these are one and two-
Giving work for the snipes and light for the crew.
Watertight integrity must be kept,
So, Condition Yoke through the ship has been set.
Our condition of readiness is number FOUR.
They call this PEACE- to me it's WAR.
The Captain has left the bridge for the night,
Confident things will be handled right.
To write this log in verse is fine,
I've tried my best to make it rhyme.
I only hope next New Year's Day
Won't find The Rainier Underway.

-Leonard K. Layne, QM3

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