Table Shots From Olongapo- Circa 1967-8

Courtesy of Ed Manion (who is not afraid to reveal his Misspent Youth)

Notice How the Girls Always had Blank Expressions? The Pacific club, Olongapo...Ed Manion in the middle with his arm around the chick in the beehive hairdo. Frank Allenta with the RM3 patch.
Barry Rose of Texas on the left and Ed Manion- Barry was always seasick- every time Rainier left port, Barry went to Sick Bay...

Ed Manion and Rick Scheible, QM at Grande Island

Ed Manion and Miscellaneous Drunks at Grande Island Club

L to R- Pat Morrison the Deck Ape, Frank Wolf, Radarman, Phil Dunn, Signalman and Ed Manion, Radioman
You'll have to click for these:
SM2 Ragle
RM3 Frank Aulenta and Ed Manion
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