Jerry Easter SK3 (1961 to 1962)

Greetings !!
Easter JD (SK3) reporting.
I served on the Rainier from late January 61 thru mid-September, 1962 (Reserve short-timer).
I came aboard as (what I thought was) an ET Striker, having earned SN
and that at the Waterloo, Iowa USNR division while getting in a couple
years of college.
They asked why I was wearing the striker patch, because my service
record had absolutely nothing in it about electronics.

Two weeks as a deck ape.

An opening popped up in supply division about that time, and I ended
up as (an "official") SK striker. Since SK was a pretty open rate
back then, it didn't take much time to make E4. My duties in Supply
were Ship's Clothing Store, Ship's Soda Fountain and doing other stuff
as directed by LTJG Rex Thomas.

We made two WESTPAC tours while I was aboard, and, during at least one
of them, I shot some neat color slides and 8mm movies. I hope to get
those together on a DVD and get them to you when I can. By the way, I
have at least one really good picture of "beautiful downtown PORT
CHI" (1961) which I will include.

I came back to Iowa, went back into Radio for a few years while
finishing college, got married, worked 26 years as an engineer for
John Deere, retiring at the end of 1999. I am now owner of a video
production business in Waterloo, Iowa, called Custom Video Productions.
(Would you believe I have not yet transferred ANY of my OWN slides or
movies to video yet? Too busy doing that for my customers, who happen
to PAY me to do theirs - - - - -) Recently visited USS Missouri (BB63) at Pearl. My wife asked me why I
saluted (obviously in civvies) as I hit the quarterdeck. Force of
habit, I guess, but then how's a wife gonna understand how a SAILOR
feels under those conditions ????
Phones: 319 - 232 - 6488 (Office) 319 - 231 - 9489 (cell)
Well, that's about it for now back here in Iowa

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