SN Richard Ellis' Pictures from 1961-2

(Descriptions Below)

Photos courtesy of Richard Ellis ( who wrote:

Attached is a file with four pictures from the '62
WestPac cruise.
1. The long shot was taken while tied upat the
Ammunition Pier in Subic Bay.
2. The shot of the sides being chipped out was taken in Guam.
3. The other two (obviously) are of the aft main deck (2nd. Div.
country) and an aft mount. I'm the 18 year-old posing
as a sailor. I was a deckape in 2nd. Division from
November '61 til late in '62.
4. Thanks for your work on the site. I was really happy
to find it.

Richard Ellis
(Webmasters' Note: Is there any one of us who did not have
his pic taken alongside the 3"-50? Thanks for the photos and
the kind words, Richard. We aim to please !)

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