A Little More Rainier Beer Lore...From Paul Tyson

Yo Bill,
I got thirsty digging around in the seabag so while getting a glass of brew to quench the fire, I ran across some Rainier glass ware from 1963.
The ship was in Seattle, actually the Bangor Ammunition Depot, and as the Senior Member of the Recreation Committee, it was my sworn duty to arrange with Rainier Brewing Company, a tour of their facility for our crew.
Graciously, they agreed to host us on a day that they were shut down for maintenance and all the brew-kettles were idle, so we did not get to see the whole nine yards. However, they did call in their biergarten personnel to serve some hundred or so thirsty sailors! During the course of the visit, we destroyed ten full kegs and was working on No. 11 when the bus came to pick (pour) us up for the return to the peninsula. Our host was kind enough to give me a case of beer glasses and a case of ale glasses for use in the Chief's mess. Of course, I had to hijack a couple of each for posterity's sake - hence, the attached photos.
So much for ancient history - mebbe one day I'll finally hit the bottom of that seabag!
Keep in touch. . .Paul
Here are Paul's Photos:

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