Mike Klein Page Two- More Pix from the 1963 Era

Thanks, Mike for these Great Pix

Pictor AF-54 Alongside (above) / Pictor on Approach (Right)

John Luther- Japanese Garden- Hiroshima- 1964

Rainier Sailors in a Pachinko Parlor- Japan

Wayne Johnson EN3 - John Sullivan SF2 - "Brownie" Brown SF3

Mess Deck- 1963 Shipmate Pertka talking to Mike Klein.
In the Background- Harold Berg EM3 Looking at the Camera)- Joe Orlando (not looking)

Ground Zero- Hiroshima- 1963- Unk. Commissaryman (L) Frank Steed,GM (R)
And Some Local Ladies

(Left)Mike Klein on the left, Johnny Luther center, Frank Steed far right
(Right)Circa 1963-USS Bennington on Unrep Station- Pacific Northwest Coast (Right)

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