Meet You at the Club

Clubs of Hong Kong and Yokosuka: Then and Now

China Fleet Club 1950's

China Fleet Club 1960's

China Fleet Club Sailors Bar

Make mine a Guinness, and a Foster's for my Aussie Mate !

Alliance Club- Then

Alliance Club- Now

MIKE KLEIN RECALLS: I remember the English beers. Blue Girl was one
and of course San Miguel made in the P.I. The Club Alliance in Yokosuka
had 2 floors If I remember and 4 or 5 EM clubs. Top floor were mostly slot
machines and a bar. The China Fleet Club had a store on top deck I think.
I do remember many of the ship mates buying reel to reel tape decks ,and
one bought a Browning over-and-under 12 gauge with ivory inlay in the
stock. At that time, he paid 90 bucks for it. Cigarettes were $1.10 a carton
You could get a case of any brand alcohol for $13.50; they shipped it back to
the US and we could pick it up at the ferry building in San Francisco.
We were in Sasebo and the Shore Patrol ran every one back to the ships because
the locals were protesting our Nuclear Subs being there. How things have

Thanks to Mike Klein for the photos of the Alliance club,
and Thanks to, the Aussie Navy site, for the China Fleet Club pix
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