Ann-Margaret- So Close and Yet So Far

(There's a Picture of Ann-Margaret below.)

A quote from the Rainier "Familygram" of 2 JAN 1969:

"Although both Christmas and New Year's Day were spent rearming Seventh Fleet units, festive elements were evident throughout the ship. Christmas music, skits and a variety of entertainment were provided on Christmas Eve by SN Vaughn Sandoval, SN Ronald Scott and others."
"In addition, Father Gibney, who was aboard Christmas week, provided scripture and the sermon for a Protestant Christmas Eve service, followed by a Catholic Midnight Mass. "
A previous commitment prevented Rainier from seeing Bob Hope's Christmas Show aboard the USS New Jersey but officers and men did receive a holiday greeting from actress Ann-Margaret."

(The 2 JAN 69 Familygram was Captain Smith's last- he was relieved by Capt. Sanderson the next week.)
Father Gibney had quite a shock when the forward hatch began to billow white smoke while he was standing on the bridge with the Captain...GQ sounded- and we all turned pale...turned out to be a fire extinguisher that was knocked over while they were breaking out some bombs for that Vesuvius unrep ! We had a lot of prayers working for us that day !
Yes, we WERE disappointed !
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