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Hiii and welcome to our site! As you can tell from the title our name is Charlie and we're Afghans... No wait our names are Jill, Bree and Kelly. Ooo, HTML can be so complicating! It is a shame there is no way to edit this page and take that out. Oh well. In case you didn't know, like if you lived in some far away country like Texas, we're like a trio of female detectives that like to prance around scantly clad going under cover and wearing sparkly jewelry and stuff. Isn't that like the most original plot you have ever heard of? Oh yeah, we're talking dogs too. I mean, we're not just any kind of dogs. Oh sure, we're SpyDogs and junk but we're the some smartest, intelligent and prettiest breed there is: Afghans! Oh my gosh isn't that like really cool! If you want to learn more about us keep on reading. If you want to learn more about SpyDogs go and visit Bear The SpyDog site, it is loaded with stuff about the show and its fans. Bear is super nice and all but not up on styles. I mean, black is sooo last year! He should dye his fur like turquoise or Fuchsia.

Anyway back to more important things: US!!! We report to Charlie, he is this dog who lives in this small box who we have never seen. I mean, he must do it by magic. You can tell his box from all the rest because his is labeled Speaker Phone. He sends us out on dangerous and harrowing missions that only us trained professionals can do. I mean, just last week I barely made it back alive. I broke a nail and everything! Are you interested in seeing one of our missions? The nice part is that the missions are only once a week, at the exact same time and only last about 12 minutes. Just as if they were an episode on a cartoon show. Is that neat or what? To find out more about us check the links below:

Meet the Afghans
Super Cool Crime Fighting Junk
Afghan Scrapbook
Fan worship
Other Junk

Wow! That is a lot of writing so far, our brain cell is like fired! We're going to take a break. But come back soon. When you do check out the neat counter thingy at the top of the page, every time to go to this page the number is never the same! Is that like eerie or what? I don't know how they do it! In the mean time you can check out some of our favorite sites below:

Our Favorite Web Cam site
Our Favorite Picture site
Bear The SpyDog site
That Other Trio Of Female Crime Fighters
Rugs Made Specifically for us Afghans
Save an Afghan

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The election is over and here are the results:






Kelly 0

But Jill and Kelly disputed the results and demanded a recount. So after the recount here was the results.



Bree 0
Jill 7,490,679,418
Kelly 0

This time Bree and Kelly disputed the findings and wanted a manual recount of the votes. So after that this was the results:



Bree 0
Jill 0
Kelly 7,490,679,418

Now it was Bree and Jill's turn to dispute so we had a recount done by a seeing eye dog. This was the results:



Bree 0
Jill 0
Kelly 0

As you may have guessed this time they all disputed the findings. But we were so sick of counting votes by this time we elected the seeing eye dog president and got on with our lives!

Are you an Afghan? Are you happy when you run into a pole? Do you get excited when there is a sparkly jewel sale? Then the flag below is for you:

Hey! Like would you like to be an Afghan? Would you like to run into things and wear sparkly jewelry and mark your territory on various pieces of equipment? Of course you would! Who wouldn't? Well you can't exactly do that but you can control Bree, Kelly and Jill. Simply go to the link below:
The Afghans
Oh yeah, you'll need the Maxis game The Sims too.

If on any of the pages you need to report something really important like there is a sparkly jewelry sale or that the sky is blue then feel free to use Charlie's box like the one below.

Like click here to send us some e-mail

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