I'm Soyini Denise Ayanna Liburd (S-D-A-L). I'm a twenty four year old woman from Trinidad & Tobago. (Nuff Props to all the West Indians freezing up in de cold right now!!) I just graduated with a BSc in Computer Science at MIT in June 03, and I'm getting my Masters in the same in June 04. I've already landed a fun software engineering job at Oracle so I'll be over in San Francisco soon! (G, the earthquake state huh!) I still enjoy sports, music, parties, and of course writing, whenever I can.
Here's some of the poetry I did back before college. I've done new stuff but I've been too lazy to update this page. If you want to see some of my newer stuff go to my stuff on timbooktu .

I did a lot of other stuff but this is all I can put on print. E-mail me and tell me what you think! I plan to do some more stuff soon including poems, essays and short stories. I'm also working on two novels which you won't see here but I'll still tell yuh when I'm through and where you can get a copy. Some more works are in the wings (as they keep jumping around in my head and the only way to get some peace is to write them down) so keep coming back

Here's what you can expect...
You can expect to see my writings...lots and lots of them!
And...you may also have to suffer through me yapping about crazy, totally irrelevant stuff whose meaning and whose importance you can only guess at... i.e. me yapping about my life.
Hope you can take it!

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