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On this page you will find lots of in-person as well as on the field photos
of the Atlanta Braves taken by us and with us.

As well as the photos of past and present Braves, coaches, staff and our quotes,
there are many other sections for you to see.

***This page has not been updated in forever and I don't think it will be updated anytime soon!***

***On September 11, 2001, New York and DC were struck by terrorists.
Click here for a story of our day here in New York
along with some pictures we took.***

Really old Quotes of the Month

"My lord. He just can't miss."

---Marcus Giles, on Javy Lopez's recent homer streak.

"Oh, poor me. What do I do now? I guess I'll have to get a second job."

---Greg Maddux, laughing when someone pointed out that two other pitchers, Arizona's
Randy Johnson and Boston's Pedro Martinez, will make more this season,
the day after he signed the largest one-year contract in baseball history.

"You can't dismiss what Tommy has meant to this organization."

"It's hurtful to know that Tommy Glavine won't be in a Braves uniform anymore."

---John Schuerholz on the Braves failure to re-sign Tom Glavine

Previous Quotes

Now For The Photos!

Past and Present Braves

Danny BautistaMike CatherBruce ChenGreg Colbrunn
Andres Galarraga Tom GlavineOzzie GuillenTony Graffanino
Andruw JonesChipper JonesRyan KleskoKerry Ligtenberg
Javy Lopez Greg Maddux Dennis MartinezKevin Millwood
Denny NeagleEddie PerezJohn RockerJohn Smoltz
Michael TuckerWalt WeissGerald WilliamsMark Wohlers
Steve AveryMike MordecaiFred McGriffTerrell Wade
Mike BieleckiDave JusticeJeff BlauserCoaches Etc.
John HudekBrian JordanRafael FurcalDave Martinez
Marcus GilesPlayers From Other Teams

"Dream as if you will live forever, live as if you will die tomorrow!"

"Friends we are today...and friends we'll always be...
because I am wise to you...and you can see through me"

"God defend me from my friends; from my enemies I can defend myself." -Jaycie

These are not quotes by us, they are just quotes told to us that we liked
enough to pass onto the readers.

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Atlanta Braves - Chipper Jones
Atlanta Braves - Chipper Jones
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Jeff Francoeur 2005 - Studio Plus
Jeff Francoeur 2005 - Studio Plus
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Phil Niekro - Pitching Action
Phil Niekro - Pitching Action
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2005 - Braves Team Composite
2005 - Braves Team Composite
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Andruw Jones - Hit And Run
Andruw Jones - Hit And Run
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