Brownie Troop #9882

We are troop 9882 from Boston Ma. There are only 29 of us. Most of us are in the first or the second grade. My Mom is our troop leader.

We have done alot of things this year. We went to the movies as a troop and saw Anastasia. That was fun! We are going to see Beauty and the Beast at the Wang Center in July. We went on a tour of the Fire Station on April 6 it was a lot of fun. We saw the ladder truck and the engine. They even let us climb on them and honk the horns. We saw and tried some of the equipment they used. They even had to leave on a real emergency while we were there. We also learned what to do in a fire and how to stay safe. Our Me and my Guy event is going to be miniture golf. Last years we went bowling. We won and the Dads lost! But we got to have bumpers in the gutters. The pizza we got our Dads was great.

We visited a nursing home during Christmas. We spent two meetings making cards and decorations to put up at the home. They only had a Christmas Tree. We made garland and pictures for the walls. We made all the people there a Holiday card. Then we sang Christmas carols. We finished and they would not let us go. They kept clapping and asking us to do more. We did all our songs three times. Then the nurses came with cookies and juices for us and the patients. We stayed for a little while and talked to the people. We felt sad that they did not want us to leave. On Valentine, we sent the nursing home enough Valentines for all the people there. We are going to adopt them. For Easter we are going to bring them a basket of items that they need like, nail polish, shaving cream, and other stuff.

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We are working on some try-it badges right now. We are almost done with our PUPPETS DOLLS, AND PLAYS try-it, the SOUNDS OF MUSIC try-it, and the ART TO WEAR try-it. We will be done with them by the end of March and then have our ceremony.In June, we will earn LISTENING TO THE PAST when visit The Louisa May Alcott House in Concord,MA. We will be allowed to work on the POINT, CLICK AND GO try-it on our own as long as we meet the requirements and show proof to our leader. One of our Brownie's mother is going to help us earn our SAFETY try-it during an upcoming meeting.


Victoria one of the Brownies talked to us about Chinese New Year. Her family is from Vietnam, and she told us about getting red envelopes with money in them, on her New Year, which was in February. She told us about the food she ate and how her family celebrated. She wears very pretty clothes made out of very silky material. It is fun to learn about how other people celebrate. Kassandra told the Brownies about Three Kings Day in January. Her Mom is Cuban and they celebrate little Christmas. She told the Brownies about leaving food for the camels and the story.


This is everyone in out Troop this year.

My mom Gloria is the leader.

Ginny and Marion are our cool assistant leaders.




Kelly T.









Emily P.




Mary Kate



Emily C.








Kelly F.

We have two MASCOTS. One is our international mascot. We haven't named her yet. She is a swan, that represents the Swan boats at the Public Gardens. Our National mascot is a frog named RIBIT. she will be leaving soon.

We are also trying to collect Council patches. We would like to get all 319 council patches from the United States. We are putting them on a quilt to display. Our council is the Patriots Trail Girl Scout Council. If you need our patch and want to trade e-mail below. Or go to our patch. page and see if we need your council's patch.

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