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  All aboard and welcome to my genealogy page. I hope you have a pleasant
journey through time and enjoy your stay on the Genealogy Express.      
 My name is Lori, and I been working on my family tree for several years. Here you will find surnames, gedcom, webrings, genealogy links, a genealogy banner club, old photos, an old document and much more.
I enjoy exploring the past and finding new and exciting things about my ancestors.
Someday, I will pass this down to my son, so he may continue the journey.


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Welcome to The Box Car

A few of my most wanted names are:
Beer, Bowser, Braughler, Carnahan, Howell,
Kostelec, McGranahan, Penrose/Penrod, Walker, Shannon, Campbell, Donahue, Deardorf, Fitzgerald, Hice, Huff, Tomb, McDonald & more. Most of my ancestors settled in Indiana Co. & Armstrong Co. Pennsylvania. 
If you have ancestors from PA, check out my Pennsylvania Webring and the 
Genealogy Express mailing list. And if you have ancestors in other areas as well as PA, you're welcome to join The Genealogy Express Webring.

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This is not just a mailing list for this page, It's for anyone doing research in PA or have ancestors from PA. I hope you will join soon.


Pages that have been updated & What's New Here at the G.E.
index_bullet.gif (1031 bytes) Genealogy Links has been updated with 11 new links along with their descriptions. 1-3-00
index_bullet.gif (1031 bytes) Brand new webring I made, this one is for anyone working on their genealogy. 1-4-00
index_bullet.gif (1031 bytes) New links have been added below & old ones revised. Check them out!.  1-17-00  
index_bullet.gif (1031 bytes) New mini gedcoms. I made a few one-name gedcoms of my tree. 
(files only, not up for viewing)
index_bullet.gif (1031 bytes) I now have a genealogy bookstore through Amazon. 2-25-00


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5-28-98 Thank you Heartland Committee




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A Few of my Favorite Genealogy Links

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This is a Genealogy Site


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