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Kia  Ora!
Welcome to My Parlour!
Come into my Parlour on the Web! (Sounds like the Spider to the Fly?!!) My name is Sunila Mary Wilson. This is my family: my husband  John and our three children - Shilpa Joanna, Divya Naomi & Amitabh Joseph.  We live in Auckland, New Zealand.  We migrated here from Hyderabad, India, on June the twenty-fourth, 1997. This picture was taken in October of the following year. If you would like to know more about us,  our country of origin, or our country of adoption, our struggles and our achievements, and all the blessings that God has showered on us, please visit the rest of my pages. I would be honoured! Don't forget to turn on your speakers. I do hope you enjoy your visit!

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This website is dedicated to my beloved baby sister Sapna Susan Oommen.
My Pages
My Roots
My Wedding Page
In Loving Memory of Sanjay... ...and Sappu
My Forever Friends
My Favourite Subject - Psychology
The Wilson Family
With St.Francis  as our Guide
(St. Francis Junior and Degree College,)
Scenes of Our Childhood
(St. Ann's High School, Secunderabad)
Auckland - for Indian Migrants
My Beloved Country
Links to My Favourite Sites
St Margaret's Anglican Church, Hillborough, Auckland
Vicar: Rev. Max Scott

Prayer Tower Online, Jesus Calls Ministries, Madras
Br. DGS Dhinakaran
Hamara Hindustan
Radio Rhema - Word For Today
Vidhya's Home Page
Tess's Castle in The Sky
My Favourite Magazine - Femina
Julie's Place - A Web Site for Bereaved Siblings
New Zealand -  Denis' Home Page
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