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Our household is run by several gorgeous canines



Tasha Yarf AD AX CD NAC-V CGC is a 13 year old Keeshond who came out of retirement to earn her NADAC novice veterans title in one weekend!
GREAT Job!! Tasha was ranked in Front & Finish's Top 10 Keeshond Agility List for 1996 & 1997! Way to go Tasha Yarf!
Tasha's Story

Snookers CD is a 10 year old Belgian Tervuren with a novice obedience (Companion Dog) title and has passed the AHBA herding instinct test (and can weave!). She's retired and enjoying the couch and chasing rabbits. More Belgian Pictures “TuffMutt

Hershey is an 13 year old Norwegian Elkhound
who is in charge of the place. Hershey has also taken herding lessons and done very well Hershey's Story

Our newest member of the team is a 7 year old Belgian Sheepdog (Groenendael) who is enjoying competition obedience, agility training and tracking (clicker trained). She earned her Novice Agility Preferred Standard title in one weekend!! Holly has also passed her temperament test (TT) and herding instinct test (HIC) Holly's pedigree

Congratulations La Neige's Hollywood Star OAP NAP TT HIC!!


These links reviewed 7/15/98
Dog Agility Links“Aframe
The Dog Patch Agility Page Information on sponsoring organizations, local clubs, equipment, ‘faqs’
Agility AbilityAgility page includes AKC MACH listings and TX show schedule .Agility Ability

Agility Great explanation of what agility is all about
DAWG Dallas Agility Working Group since 1986
The Clean Run Agility magazine for everyone
USDAA Agility United States Dog Agility Association. "All American" breeds welcome
NADAC North American Dog Agility Countil Mixed breeds welcome
AKC Agility American Kennel Club’s agility rules

Dog Activity Links “Utility
The Dog Patch Obedience Training Page has lots of information at the Dog Patch
The Family Dog Training Center Holly's obedience school in Tukwila WA
Front & Finish Obedience newsletter main page
Herding links from the Dog Patch “sheep”
Ewe-topia Herd Dog Training School in Roy, WA
Stockdog Page Ian Caldicolt in Sequim,WA with lots of herding info
The Basic Clicker Page a positive, motivational approach to dog training.
Cindy Tittle Moore’s E-Mail Listing of dog related activities
Belgian Games “scent

Dog Breed Information doghouse
The All Belgian Home page at SitStay with links for Tervuren, Malinois, Groenendaels, medical, training, etc.
The Malinut Home Page Interesting Malinois page with Great Games!
Terv breeder links and other good links
The Keeshond Club of America Home page New KCA Home Page
The Keeshond Home page The Keeshond Home Page
The Keeshond-L Archives Web Page Weekly mailing list activity for Kees is posted here
The NEAA page Norwegian Elkhound Association of America
The Norwegian Elkhound Home page Home page for Elkhounds Under Reconstruction
The Norwegian Elkhound Webring List of Elkhound Webring sites
The Keeshond Webring List of Kees Webring sites
The Tervuren Webring List of Terv Webring sites (NEW)
The Belgian Sheepdog Webring List of Groen Webring sites (NEW)
Cindy Tittle Moore’s Comprehensive list of dog breeds and activities
Cindy Tittle Moore’s E-Mail Listing of dog related activities

Bulletin Boards
The Dog House - at Acmepet - very active Pet/Rescue oriented board
dog TALK - DogWorld Magazine; fairly active pet board
Dogpatch WWWBoard - Boards are by topic; obedience, agility, etc.
Belgian Shepherd board - Sitstay Discussion board
SitStay Go Out Discussion - for all breeds
Dr Sandi’s board - DVM from New Orleans will answer questions (be patient)

Rescue Page Kevin Laird’s Comprehensive listing of Rescue pages, clubs
Keeshond Rescue Listing Kees listed by name and state
Seattle Purebred Rescue Page Includes a Purina questionaire to help you choose your 'breed'

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