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I started in August 1998 in tracing my family roots.
Upton, Malone, Campbell and Ferry. I also started to look for my wife's family roots,
Wilkerson, and Miller.

I found an unknown cousin (at the time) and with her help I go back 10 generations in the Upton surname. It's funny that how you start out with a little bit then through family and friends you end up with so much more. It gets into your system.

Then wham-you hit a brick wall and get stuck. Don't give up friends and unknown cousins are out there to help you past the brick wall. With that being said I wish to thank Vivian Kinsel of Springfield, Il for help in the research of the Upton line, another cousin, Paula Ashcroft is the one to thank for info on the Campbell line. I hope we can find more cousins who view this site.

Like all good researchers, don't take this info as stone, until YOU confirm it yourself. Use this info to help you track down what you don't have. I'm still in the process of adding info to this file. I will update it as much as possible as soon as possible. If you have questions, please e-mail me. read and enjoy and I hope we connect.....Until I hear from some cousins, Steve.

What you find in researching is have relatives that had a cow killed on the railroad track and when the railroad wouldn't pay for it, they would grease the tracks on the incline so the train crew had to sand the tracks or break the train into to get up the incline...(sounds like my side of the family *G*) or how a GGGF was killed on a ship transporting other soldiers. Good and bad stories will come when you take the task of finding your roots. I'm fixing to look in England for some and still have brick walls with others...

I like being with my family, tracing my family roots, finding lost cousins and fishing...

Thanks for taking a look.

Heartland Genealogy Society

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