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This page is dedicated to our pets. Without pets,
the world would be a much unhappier place.
So, take care of your pets.
They ask for so little from you!
Please, spay or neuter your pets!
We have 4 cats, 1 dog and a turtle.


Boots (15 Years Old)

Boots (15 Years Old)

We are so sad to say that our Boots went over the Rainbow Bridge on May 15, 2002. Boots, you will always be in our hearts!! We know that you are feeling much better now and playing with Shadow again!

Hi, my name is Boots. I am 15 years old. I am a girl.
I am mom and dad's first kitty. Don't tell Mommy, but I really love Daddy the best.
Dad got me for mom before they were married and I lived with him at his place.
The very first night, though, Daddy was ready to take me back where he got me.
I did a no-no on the rug and I woke him up at night by chewing on his hair.
He, also, woke up with a scratch on his lip in the morning. I was a very playful kitten.
I used to crawl up and down his pant legs!
Mom convinced Daddy to keep me, though.
When Mom and Dad got married and moved into our Condo,
I hid under the oven for 24 hours. Mom did everything she could to try to get me out.
Finally, she managed with food after the 500th try!
I sleep every night on Daddy's side of the bed and nag at him to pet me!
I had a blood brother that came to live with us when I was 3 years old.
He looked just like me except he had 6 toes on every paw.
His name was Shadow. He had Feline Leukemia that was hiding in his bone
marrow since birth. He went over the Rainbow Bridge in 1992 at the age of 2.
We miss him so much! Mom and Dad are so proud of me
because I donated my blood to him during his short illness.

Charlie (12 Years Old)

Charlie (12 Years Old)

Hi, my name is Charlie and I'm a boy.
I came to live at the condo with Mommy, Daddy and Boots when I was 8 weeks old.
This was 2 months after Shadow passed away.
Mommy and Daddy were very upset over Shadow.
It showed in work and two of Mommy's co workers
kept telling her she should get another kitten.
They, also, knew about me and told her they could get me for them.
Mommy kept saying "No, it was too soon" but they kept insisting.
So, eventually, Mommy and Daddy said "Yes, under one condition".
The condition was that they were going to name me after one of the co-workers.
So, that's how I got my name.
When Mommy and Daddy first saw me, they couldn't believe how beautiful I was.
And, I was so small! Now, I weigh in at 20 lbs at 12 years old.
Boots and I don't really get along too well.
I would love too but Boots is a one person type kitty!
So, after we bought our house,
Mommy and Daddy got another kitty for me to play with.
Now, I don't bite Mommy's ankles anymore!

Angel & Squeaky (7 & 6 Yrs Old)

Angel & Squeaky (7 Yrs & 6 Yrs Old)

Hi, my name is Angel. I am a female Calico and I'm 7 years old now.
One day while Mommy was at work, her office door opened
and nobody came in. She figured that someone had just leaned on the door.
Then, after a few seconds, she heard me yelling "Meow, Meow, Meow".
She looked over the counter and saw me walking around! It was love at first site.
I was only about 8 weeks old.
Mommy figures the person that left me must've been someone
who knew that she liked cats. Daddy works in the same building as Mommy.
So, when he came in a few minutes later and saw me, he went right down to the
cafeteria to get me some food. I looked awfully skinny!
The people at the cafeteria gave me some yummy tuna fish and a hamburger.
I ate it all! Mommy put me in her bosses' office.
Then, Daddy went around desperately trying to find someone else to take me home.
But, I think Daddy knew he was shot anyway!
At quitting time, Mommy already had me packed in a box
with holes in it ready for the ride to my new home.
I get along really great with Charlie.
In fact, Charlie stopped giving Mommy love bites on her legs after I came home!

Hi, my name is Squeaky and I'm 6 years old.
I am a girl. I came to live here when my Mommy's niece
came here. Actually, I'm supposed to be Mommy's nieces cat.
But,......., you know how things go! I get along really well with the other cats
and I like to sleep with my sister, Erin.
I got my name Squeaky because I don't really "meow" like the other cats do.
Mine is more of a "Squeak". I like to get into trouble.
I still hang from the curtains and I try to run outside.
Sheesh, but Mommy always grabs me.
She doesn't allow any of us cats outside. She says we might get hurt.
Mommy doesn't believe in declawing.
She says that that is mean and inhumane.
But, she does believe in getting us fixed.
There are too many unwanted animals in the shelters.

Honey (Approx. 2 Years Old)

Picatso "Honey" (Approx. 2 Years Old)

Hi, my name is Picatso "Honey" and I'm a boy.
I came to live here in July, 2004.
I was a stray living in the neighborhood
for about 4 months before I came inside.
Mommy would feed me whenever she saw me.
One night, when Mom came home, a neighbor told her
that his dog tried to catch me, so the neighbor called animal control.
Luckily, animal control did not catch me and Mom saw me a couple of days later
and brought me in to live in my new house.
Dad took me to the vet and I checked out clean and healthy.
Then, it was time for me to be neutered.
I came home and got to know my new family and have adjusted to indoor life just fine.
I get along really well with Charlie, Angel & Squeaky.


Sparkey (14 Years Old)

Sparkey (14 Years Old)

Hi, my name is Sparkey. We think I am about 14 years old now.
My parents don't really know because they adopted me from an animal shelter.
Actually, daddy did! If mommy walked into an animal shelter,
she would have to bring everyone home. My favorite thing to do
during the day is to bark along the back fence at the neighbor's dog.
We have great fun driving the neighbors and my parent's crazy!
If we get too noisy, I go out to the front porch where I am alot quieter.
It is very relaxing there to sleep and watch the world go by!
I get along very well with the cats.
They are not afraid of me and I'm definately not afraid of them!


Last but not least is our turtle, Dottie.

Last but not least is our turtle, Dottie.

Hi, my name is Dottie, the turtle.
My parents found me floating in the kiddie pool in their backyard.
after a really wild thunderstorm.
I was very thankful to get out of there.
That was over 5 years ago.
They gave me a nice home
and give me lots of food.
They have to keep Squeaky away from me, though
Squeaky thinks that she can play with me!
Mommy has read alot about us turtles.
She says that I can live up to 50 years old.
One thing I'd like to tell everyone.
You should be very careful handling us
Just use an anti-bacterial soap
on your hands and on the surfaces that come in contact
with our cages after handling.

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