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The place to start for information and support for non custodial moms or moms fighting to get/keep custody


Support and legal resources.


Motherhood and being a Non Custodial Mom.

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We are here to help with the challenges of being a non custodial mom in today's society and offer lots of valuable advice from moms who have been through what you are going through.
We have an email support group headed by moms who have been where you are now. We've experienced our share of successes and failures. It is our goal to make the journey a bit easier for those who are traveling down that same road.

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1998 Non Custodial Mom Link Administration

by Rachel Snyder

Cherish all you've been given.
Cherish baby's first smile,
first cry,
first tooth,
first word.
Treasure them now, because they pass so quickly.

Cherish the memory of the time before baby
when you believed you could do anything
and cherish the thought that you still can.

Cherish the things that really matter,
like time
and love
and laughter.
Like a hug and a kiss
and the tiniest gesture that says Ilove you.

Cherish whomever you call your family
and whomever you call a friend.
Respect both the children
and the elders around you,
and most certainly cherish yourself.

Oh, yes, cherish the challenges of parenthood, too,
for the way they make you strong.
Then cherish this moment.
This one, right now
it's the only one you can truly appreciate.

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