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     The Jar Jar Filet Page is a page for all those Star Wars fans out there that think the movie would have been better without that overgrown frog. If I hear "How rude!" one more time, I'm going to pop a vain! I'm guessing since you are at this site you feel the same way, am I right? Well, if you like that "thing"...leave! 

    On this site you will find places to show other people how much you hate Jar Jar. If you want you can send me a picture, animation, or anything that shows how you feel to "The Webmaster". Please include your name and anything else that you would like me to know.

A Small Warning:
     On this site you will see lots of pictures with blood and other things like that. If you have a problem with things like that, I would sugest that you leave. Other than that please have a good time while you are at my site.

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