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Hello! Welcome to Wooodley's realm of fun! My name is Wooodley(that's my picture on the left). I am a 15-year-old Siamese mix and this site is all about me and my mom, Kristen. Kristen was there from the day I was born. In fact, she witnessed my birth! Ever since then we've been inseparable!

Kristen is always doing something interesting! She likes to draw and paint and I just like to sit and watch her work on her computer(my favorite thing is to watch the cursor as it moves across the screen).

Well, enjoy looking around my little domain on the web and visit often cos you never know WHAT that human of mine is doing!

I have sad news to report- Wooodley died November 18th, 1999 due to a cancerous tumor with Malignant Melanoma. He was my very best friend. We were going to put him to sleep that day and I was going to be excluded from it. I guess Wooodley wanted me to be there because he died on his own in my room. I like to think my room was a portal into kitty heaven! I loved him very dearly. He taught me that no matter what i have to do my duty-he also taught me loyaly. He was MUCH more than a pet-he was my best friend!!

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just look what my mom did to Tommy

Tommy Toon

The New Baby!

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