Brazilian Aquatic Systems

This site will be about the aquatic systems of the Amazon river basin. I'm not from Brazil. I don't speak Portuguese. Heck, I don't even speak Spanish! But I've always found this river system interesting. A balance exists between the river and the rain forests of Brazil. There are some really excellent home pages in GeoCities about Rain Forests.
Check them out!

My other interests are:
gardening, photography, aquariums, genealogy, and computers.

I will also add sections in this site that help you set up your own freshwater system (aquarium) in your home. This is not an expensive hobby. The fish are generally small and beautifully colored, allowing you to keep quite a few. You'll be surprised at how a well-planned aquarium becomes a focal point in your home.

Freshwater Aquarium Page

Finally, this site will touch on organic vegetable gardening and composting.
Reduce! Reuse! Recycle!

Please come back soon and visit me.

What's New

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