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All of the animals that you see here and on the pages to follow are animals that have been rescued either from people who bought them at auction because they were cute, and now realize that keeping a wild animal is alot of work, or they were abandoned. The Organizations that look after these and others like them are in desperate need of our help. They need donations, volunteers and adoptive families in order to be able to continue saving one of our most precious resources.... Wild animals. Have you ever thought of a world without wolves, or cougars or whales? Probably not. But these and many other animals are in very real danger of not surviving long enough for our grandchildren to be able to see them. I know that I don't want my grandchildren to only have the chance to see these beautiful creatures in picture books. So PLEASE.... do what you can to help these and any other organization to continue the magnificent work that they are doing. If not for yourself, for the generations to come. Thank you.

I first realized my special bond with the wolf in 1984 when I was hit by a dump truck while riding my bicycle. My parents were told that I would not survive the night, and when I did that, they then told me that I would never walk again. It was then that the Spirit of the Wolf took over and gave me the strength to do what others said was impossible. One of my friends gave me the name Wolf Dancer because she said that even though I was unable to walk, I had the strength and courage of the wolf, and that the Wolf Spirit danced with me, and gave me the strength to walk again.
So it is with great love and gratitude that I say thank you to the Wolf Spirit, for it is he who gave me my legs back. And may the Wolf Spirit walk with you and guide you on this journey that we call life.

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